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New Publications on Phytophtora Infestans

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1. Matson, M.E.H.; Small, I.M.; Fry, W.E.; Judelson, H.S. Metalaxyl resistance in Phytophthora infestans: Assessing role of RPA190 gene and diversity within clonal lineages. Phytopathology. (USA). ISSN 0031-949X. 2015. 105(12): 1594-1600. REP.21855 (AN=79243) DOI

2. Nyongesa, M.; Lung'aho, C. (CIP); Wasilwa, L.; Mbiyu, M.; Onditi, J.; Otieno, S. Phytophthora infestans population changes in Kenya pose challenges to existing potato blight control strategies. Low, J. (CIP); Nyongesa, M.; Quinn, S. (CIP); Parker, M. (CIP) (eds). Potato and sweetpotato in Africa. Transforming the value chains for food and nutrition security. Oxfordshire (UK). CABI International. 2015. ISBN 978-1-78064-420-2. pp. 362-367. AP(SB 213. A4. L6) (AN=79217) DOI

3. Small, I.M.; Joseph, L.; Fry, W.E. Phytopathology. (USA). ISSN 0031-949X. 2015. 105(12): 1545-1554. REP.4288 (AN=79241) DOI

4. Verreet, J.A.; Klink, H. (eds). Potato Late Blight. The Disease Cycle of Phytophthora infestans. St. Paul (USA). APS Press. 2013. ISBN 978-08905-4423-5. Diseases and Pests of Potato. v. 1. CD 142 (AN=79224)