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About Library

The library at the International Potato Center (CIP) provides information services to researchers and others involved in the improvement of potato, sweetpotato, and Andean root and tuber crop production worldwide. It supports the CIP research community as library staff collects, process, and provide updated and timely bibliographic information.
CIP's library collection contains more than 14,700 monographs or theses, 15,800 reprints, and 80 journal titles by subscription. This bibliographic material relates both generally and specifically to potatoes, sweetpotatoes and Andean root and tuber crops from throughout the world. The collection is routinely supplemented through user-generated demand, and by library staff as they systematically browse pertinent information sources, such as abstracts, journals, table of contents journals, and publishers’ catalogs.

All holdings conform to the CIP library database which contains more than 65,000 records, and it is updated daily.
Since August 1997, CIP's library database has been operating under the Inmagic DB/Text Works computer software. This program permits to searches of the database by author, title, year-of-publication, key words, and language. These search parameters can be used independently or in combinations. Search results can be displayed, printed or downloaded into text files.
CIP's library provides in-house access to other bibliographic databases on CD-ROM, including AGRIS (FAO International Information System for Agricultural Sciences and Technology), AGRICOLA (USDA National Agricultural Library). Library staff conducts searches on behalf of CIP personnel using these and other databases. There is no charge for AGRIS and AGRICOLA searches.

The CIP library's principal services are:
- Retrospectives searches provide computer lists of bibliographic references on specific topics provided to answer information requests.
- Loans and inter-library loans primarily include books and journals: books, theses and reprints can be borrowed for one week, renewable if no other user requests them; current journal issues may be borrowed for three days or less, depending on the demand.