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Library Access

CIP's Library provides information and services to internal and external users.

Internal Users
Internal users are all CIP's local and regional staff as well as trainees and practitioners.
All these users can have the benefit of services during the established schedule. However, they would have access to the Library during outside of working hours following this procedure:
· The potential users of the Library outside of working hours need to coordinate their request in writing and in advance, during business hours, with the Library Head.
· The Library Head will do her best to grant access, defining time and inform Security and Reception Desk in writing.
· In no case should books, journals or other material be removed from the Library, unless very clearly specified by the Library Head.
· Security will make sure that his rule is enforced.
· Security will grant access only to those persons duly authorized by Library Manager.

External Users
CIP' Library offers information and reading room services to researchers and other involved in the improvement of potato, sweet potato and Andean tuber crop production worldwide. The Library has established a schedule for this purpose and external local users must contact library through e-mail, or phone to request an appointment. Library only serves university students that are doing their theses and must prove it presenting a letter from their Supervisor, indicating the subject of this.
Library granted a permission of up to three months. Services are free, but external users must pay for photocopies if there is a need.